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>> bret: finally tonight, today was the official start of the ncaa basketball tournament round one. i saw a lot of tv's on the games here in the bureau today. not a lot of productivity. there is a lot of excitement about the tournament around the nation. really around the world. we have heard the new pope, pope francis, pope of the people. clearly trying to make
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his -- [ laughter ] there you go. technically round 2 but it's really round one. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: first from fox tonight a potential break in this week's shocking murder of the head of colorado's department of corrections. developing now. state investigators are headed to the scene of another crime in texas. after a wild hundred mile-per-hour police chase and shootout with the driver of a car that matches the description of the suspect's get away vehicle. here is the back story. on tuesday night, police say somebody went to this man's home, tom clements and shot him dead right as he answered the front door. neighbors describe seeing a box-shaped cadillac or lincoln near the crime scene on the night of the
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killing. fast forward to earlier today, cops outside dallas pulled over a black cadillac. the driver shot and wounded the officer and took off. police say the driver then shot at several other police cars. but a tractor-trailer t-boned and you can see what happened. the car crashed. the guy got out and kept shooting. then cops shot back and put him down. he is reportedly legally dead though still on life support. they are going to collect his organs but only so they can do that about an hour ago, investigators in texas say they are working hard to determine whether they have their suspect. >> we will confirm and say that the colorado is sending and should be here this evening investigators that are working than case and other homicide cases in the colorado area. >> shepard: but they say there is no way to know until they get fingerprints, examine that vehicle and try to match the weapon. claudia cowan is in our denver bureau. so claudia, now the focus shifts down to texas. >> that's right, shepard.
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and colorado investigators are due to arrive in the lone star state at any time and try to see if this is their man, either in clements case or possibly other unsolved murders. police saying the driver of this cadillac made it very clear he would not be taken alive. the high speed chase continued for miles. the driver at one point even taking aim at a local police chief. >> when he came by me, he was i would say probably running 100 miles per hour. had his left arm out the window. he was just shooting. he shot four times when he passed by my car parked in the median of the highway. >> an important note to adhere, shepard, that black cadillac did have colorado plates. now, police describe the driver as a white man in his 30's, about 160 pounds. they hope to identify him through his fingerprints and evidence from his car. >> shepard: claudia, any other possible suspects in this? >> well, police say there were no threats against clentle' life. but given his position, they're taking a look at people who may have held a
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grudge. clements had recently asked for the chemicals needed to carry out the execution of nathan dunlap. he was convicted of killing four people during a restaurant shooting rampage in 1993. and last week, clements denied a prison transfer for a saudi national serving time for holding a housekeeper as a sex slave. but tonight officially still no suspect. and no motive, either. >> shepard: claudia cowan in denver. updates throughout the hour. the white house is not giving up on the assault weapons ban. that's new today from vice president joe biden who was here in new york city. he and mayor michael bloomberg met with parents of children killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary. the vice president called on lawmakers to think about newtown when they are deciding on control proposals. >> for all those who say we shouldn't and can't ban assault weapons, for all those who say the politics is too hard, how can they say that. >> taken by a cowardly
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deranged person with an assault weapon. and no child deserves to be murdered brutally slaughtered the way these children were. >> shepard: the majority leader harry reid says the senate will include expanded background checks for almost all gun sales. he says the assault weapons ban does not have enough votes to pass. lots of republicans oppose the ban and background checks saying they will punish only law abiding gun owners. new york state is changing its new assault weapons ban before it even takes effect. that law bans magazines that hold more than seven rounds of ammunition. the problem is seven round magazines don't exist. starting next month you will still be able to buy 10 round magazines in new york state. it will be illegal to load more than seven rounds at a time. no word on how they will enforce that hours ago in the ancient and holy stipulate of jerusalem president obama stood before the israeli people and made a strong and direct peace. he called for two state
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solution. told the israelis to put themselves in the palestinians who want to land a call of their own. he says if the israelis want peace they must not only demand of their politicians but work towards it themselves. the president spoke after a trip to the west bank and he told the crowd in jerusalem he was departing from prepared speech to talk about young palestinians he had met there. >> talking to them, they weren't that different from my daughters. they weren't that different from yours daughters. or sons. i honestly believe that if any israeli parent sat down with those kids, they would say i want these kids to succeed. i want them to prosper. [ applause ] >> shepard: just hours before the president spoke, militants fired rockets into an israeli border town. nobody hurt this time. buff an explosive reminder of the tensions that do exist. and the life and death decisions that lie ahead
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for both sides. tonight, there is no doubt that president obama is asking a lot of the israeli people. many of them have bled for their country's right to exist. some have survived genocide. and virtually all who live within israel's borders live under constant threat. not only from militants but countries including vaughn which today threatened to wipe two cities off the map if israel attacks its nuclear program. when it comes to the palestinians, president obama made the case. that true security can come only through peace. >> the only way to true there protect the israeli people over the long term is through the absence of war. because no wall is high enough and no iron dome is strong enough or perfect enough to stop every enemy that is intent on doing so from inflicting harm. >> shepard: the president made a promise that as long as the united states exist the israeli people will never be alone. and with that the stakes are raised and the bar is higher. ed henry is traveling with the president and live early this friday morning
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in jerusalem. ed, the president also went on to say that the israeli people have true friends in the palestinian leaders. >> yeah. and that's -- to many israeli people here obviously because of those rockets raining down from the palestinian side that you have mentioned. but, israeli leaders say that they can work with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas especially when you compare them to hamas, the other rulers there on the other side. the bottom line though is what is fascinating tonight is at the beginning of this trip the white house was trying to it down play expectations. when you saw the president give that speech to young students here, and when he that joint news conference with president abbas, he seemed to be raising expectations for a possible peace deal. take a listen. >> i absolutely believe that it is still possible, but i think it is very difficult. but, if we can get direct negotiations, started again, i believe that the shape of a potential deal
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is there. >> and interesting as well that the president did not come out today and call for all israeli settlements to come to a halt. that looked like a sweetner to try to get the israelis to the bargaining table, shep. >> shepard: interesting. even as the president talks of peace, some israelis are talking of war. >> i got to sit down exclusively today with the israeli president. shimon peres. he was basically saying in his private talks over the last couple of days with president obama and in the public comments president obama has made. basically president perez told me he believes that president obama is prepared to attack iran to stop their nuclear program if diplomacy fails. take a listen. >> america is really looking for peace but if somebody threatens peace, america is not a chicken. >> america is not a chicken. strong words from the israeli president coming on the same day that the rural
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from -- ruler from iran came out today. basically said that if israel takes the first strikes towards iran they will retaliate and wipe out two israeli cities. strong words today. >> shepard: brand new today in the syrian civil war two powerful u.s. senators just reached across the aisle and called for president obama to begin air strikes in syria. that as we try to figure out whether somebody inside syria has already used weapons of mass murder. >> the rebels say the government unleashed the chemical weapons. the regime leaders claim they are the real victims here. now, an international investigation into a possible crime against humanity. the apollo rockets brought mankind to the moon. but the rocketd engines fell back to earth. tonight, the mission to recover them from the ocean
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>> shepard: the bloody civil war in syria is creeping up to israel's doorstep and creating another major security concern in that region. syrian rebels captured one village and parts of a few others right on the edge of the golan heights. that's a region that israel captured from syria back in 167. think useds it a strategic buffer zone ever since. as you know the assad regime and rebel groups are accusing each other of using chemical weapons in a deadly attack earlier this he can with. the united nations secretary general today said that the u.n. will conduct an investigation into the matter and said such a move would amount to crimes against humanity. now, yesterday, president obama said if an investigation shows the syrians did indeed use chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction that would be a game-changer. and now it appears support in congress is sprouting for some kind of u.s.
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military action. to wit: a joint letter to the president, the chairman of the senate armed services committee, michigan democrat senator carl levin and the arizona republican senator john mccain today called for limited air strikes on certain syrian regime targets namely syrian air bases and missile batteries. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is live at the united nations for us tonight. jonathan? this sounds like a significant u.n. investigation. >> well, yes, it certainly has the potential to be significant in that it could be the first independent, unbiased investigation into the several claims we have so far heard that chemical weapons have been used during the syrian civil war. on the other hand, remember, that this particular investigation is limited by the requests of the syrian government to the one alleged attack in outside of the northwestern city of aleppo on tuesday. and this investigation, because it is requested by the syrian government, will, to some extent, at
4:17 pm
least, be controlled by the syrian government. the secretary general ban ki-moon admitted as much in his statement today, listen. >> i am, of course, aware that there are other allegations of similar cases including the reported use of chemical weapons. -- investigation mission full cooperation from all parties will be essential. i stress that this includes unfettered access. >> and frankly, few people would believe that the syrian government will allow that unfettered access, shep. >> shepard: jonathan, what is the evidence that is right now that is either side used chemical weapons? is there any? >> well, frankly, according to u.s. officials, there is not much evidence that either side used chemical weapons on tuesday in that attack outside of aleppo. part of the reason that they believe that is you
4:18 pm
take a look at the video that the syrian state tv put out, there are no signs of those victims having muscle spasms. there is no skin blistering. those are the kind of symptoms you would see. if what are called schedule one chemical weapons under the chemical weapons convention had been used. those include saran, mustard gas. it doesn't mean that a schedule 3 chemical substance might have been used that would include something like chlorine that could cause the kind of breathing difficulties that some witnesses said they witness the witnessed or felt but in coo in some circumstances cause death. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. colorado will soon allow gay couples to have civil unions several years after the state banned gay marriage. hickenlooper signed the bill into law. it takes effect into n. two months. colorado will be the sixth state to allow same sex unions.
4:19 pm
nine states and d.c. currently allow gay marriage. whether parents are straight or gay has zero effect on their children's development. that's the finding of a powerful doctor's group, the american academy of pediatrics. that organization looked at decades of research and found that children raised by same sex parents do just as well emotionally, intellectually and socially as those raised by straight parents. for the well being of the children the group now indicates it now formally supports gay marriage. next week the supreme court set to consider two important same sex marriage cases. the latest fox news poll finds higher support for legalizing gay marriage. 49% of voters now say they support it up from just 32% a decade ago. there is big news for anybody looking to sell their homes. new signs the housing market is getting better. with some the best numbers we have seen in years. first, protests after cameras catch people punching helpless seals. but they are not protesting the animal abuse. they are upset that they can't go to the beach at night anymore.
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>> shepard: hey, if you kick a helpless see you lose your beach privileges. the mayor of san diego ordering officials to close down a stretch of beach in la jolla after cameras caught people kicking and punching and sitting on top of seals and their brand new pupsz. workers installed the cameras in january to watch the seals give birth. instead cameras caught people harassing the animals. now the beach is off limits at night. that is not sitting well folks say that beach should be open to everybody. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. first, did they find the people who attacked the sealed seals? >> not yet, shep. the city attorney says if suspects are brought in they will be prosecuted and wildlife groups say they are appalled by the abuse because this is a very keep shelter for some 200 harbor
4:24 pm
seals and their pups, especially during the breeding season which runs from january through may. they say the seals are only using 150 feet of beach and shutting it down at night is important because this isn't the first case of abuse. listen. >> most of the times he they are not actually kicking the seals and sitting on them. they are just flushing them. and they do flashlights in their eyes at night. but not by kicking and the pulling. that doesn't happen so often. i was just appalled that somebody would do this. this is just -- that was outright cruelty. that was more than harassment. that was just plane cruel. >> yeah, the beach is set to be shut counsel for the next two months. that could be extended, shep. >> shepard: it's 50 yards of beach. there is plenty of beach. what's with these protesters? >> because that 150 feet you are talking about, shep, is meant for kids. they call it children's pool back in the 1930s a sea wall was built out there to protect the kids from the dangerous surf.
4:25 pm
now, the seals are in and the kids are out. and others say swimming in the area is also a problem because the seal waste has raised bacteria to an unhealthy level. many residents also enjoy walking on the beach at night which is why they are protesting saying the mayor has overstepped his authority. listen. >> i'm here to exercise our rights to access this beach that is supposed to be legally open for the people, the children in the community. it has been illegally closed according to king fillner. he has gone and got an emergency permit, using paperwork that is seven years old to declare an emergency. >> some are now threatening the mayor bob fillner says bring it on and the city attorney says he will support the mayor. shep? >> shepard: if only we all had la hoya's problems. trace gallagher, thank you. several reports suggest the economy may be picking up steam again first reality at this.
4:26 pm
sales of previously sold homes raised. february sales up 10% compared to the same month last year. in other words, great news for anybody trying to sell a home. the report suggests that few first-time buyers are entering the market and they are key to a sustained recovery. meantime it appears the job market. number filing for unemployment ticked up a bit last week. the four week average is still lowest it's been in five years. economists consider the four week average the most reliable, much more than any other case because it irons out any inconsistencies. the number of folks seeking benefits has also reportedly dropped 15% since november. but it wasn't enough for wall street. north today. the dow fell about 90, the nasdaq 32. the s&p 513. analysts blamed weak sales for major tech firms including oracle and ibm. investors are also jittery about cyprus. the european union giving tiny nation four days to raise billions of dollars that it needs to get an international bailout or
4:27 pm
face denial disaster. europe's central bank warned it will pull the plug on the country's banks next week if lawmakers in cyprus can't approve a bailout deal. those lawmakers have just rejected a plan to tax people's savings accounts. some experts call cyprus the kay men islands of the mediterranean. lax oversight. reportedly the place to bank for the russian mob. it looks like the u.s. government will not shut down, at least not for now. but lawmakers may be setting themselves up for a new self-inflicted crisis down the road. it's good enough for honey boo boo. now another state could soon make it legal to eat road kill. what state you may be asking? that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. road kill. life brings obstacles.
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for current and former military members and their families. get advice from the people who share your values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. >> shepard: a man accused of slapping someone else's toddler on a plane pleaded not guilty. it went down during a delta flight last month from minneapolis to atlanta. he did use a racial slur when he was telling another passenger to quiet her 19 month old. he is pleading not guilty to slapping the kid. lawyer says her client was stressed out during the flight because he was traveling to atlanta to take his only child off life support. >> he said what he said then he is admitting that but that wasn't a crime. that was just an inappropriate statement in a very difficult time for him. >> the former aerospace executive lost his job over the incident.
4:32 pm
is he back in court next month. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and this time they didn't keep us all up until midnight. today, the house passed the senate bill to prevent a government shutdown with five whole days to spare. officials say president obama will sign it when he gets back from his middle east trip. but the two parties are still battling over long-term spending plans. mike emanuel is on capitol hill for us tonight. mike, democrats and republicans have very different ideas about taxing and spending. >> that is absolutely true, shep. although both love using the word balance. senator patty murray says she favors a balanced approach which means some more tax revenue and some more spending. congressman paul ryan says his budget would balance without raising taxes. senators will vote on both proposals tomorrow. here is a key senate republican on democrat murray's budget proposal. >> significant time that our colleagues have
4:33 pm
produced a budget, i'm glad they have. but it is a disappointment in the sense that it, in no way, alters the debt course we are on. they claim it is balanced. they have said balanced over 50 times already in this debate. and, yet, that budget does anything but balance. >> i should note the house passed paul ryan's plan today with all republican votes. zero democrats voting for it, shep. >> they didn't wait in the very last second of the very last day. what in the world was wrong with them? >> that's right. they pass the house passed a senate continuing resolution or cr as it is known. the house democratic leader nancy pelosi says it wasn't perfect, but it was important. >> the first vote on the cr was about substance. the second vote on the cr was about keeping government open. we want to remove all doubt that whatever our disagreement on some of these bills it was worse to shut down government. >> the budget fights up
4:34 pm
here on capitol hill will continue. but the lights will stay on. government services will not be interrupted. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill, thanks. if you would like to hear from congressman paul ryan the man behind the republican budget plan you can when he goes "on the record" with greta van susteren that's tonight 10:00 eastern, 9:00 in oxford right here on fox news channel. 10 years after the war in iraq began, most americans say it did make us safer. that's according to a new fox news poll. almost 60% of registered voters say the u.s. and the world are safer today. close to 40% say we are not. the numbers almost exactly where they were three years ago. but almost 70% say they still consider iraq an enemy, right behind iran and north korea and ahead of syria and libya. the war killed almost 4500 american forces, wounded more than 30,000. estimates of the iraqis who died range from 100,000 to more than half a million. rick leventhal rode along with some the marines as they invaded iraq and is he live in our newsroom. rick? >> shepard, we found some
4:35 pm
the men who served in iraq in 2003 have had a tough time readjusting to life in the states. including corporal jason king. the driver of the light-armored vehicle we wrote in from northern kuwait to just outside baghdad steering through some of the worst conditions imaginable. blistering hot sand, burning oil fields and incoming enemy fire. king's first chance to relax was in a blinding sandstorm. >> what do you think of this weather? >> it's pretty crappy. >> can you drive in this? >> probably. >> five years after the war, we found king struggling in water town, new york. he had left the marines and joined army but was discharged. he lost his dream job as police cadet and lost his house and tragically lost a daughter who died after being left alone in a bathtub. >> everything that i have heard everybody wants to hire military veterans. i mean i can't find a better worker. >> yeah. >> but it turned out to be different. >> kind of stuck in the same place, still.
4:36 pm
not for lack of trying. >> today, king is still out of work. he he says employers are put off by the medications he takes for ptsd. despite awful, this king says he doesn't regret his service. >> do you miss the military? >> oh, yeah. >> what do you miss most? >> just mostly the sense of belonging somewhere king is studying for a career in computers. is he confident he can get his life back on track, shep. >> shepard: rick leventhal. jodi arias now, the boyfriend killer faced some tough questions from prosecutors during her weeks on the witness stand in her murder trial. some of the jurors questions were even tougher. and now they get to question the defense psychologist who says jodi areas has post-traumatic stress disorder. plus, a man who still faced more than a decade on his sentence for killing a rabbi. even with no physical evidence against him is suddenly free.
4:37 pm
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>> shepard: he spent more than two deck case behind bars for murder and today he got to hug his family as a free man after a judge finally overturned his conviction. >> sir, you are free to go. [ applause ] >> the judge also apologized to david ranta and said the apology was grossly inadequate. his daughter was an infant when he went to prison. now she is grown up and pregnant. jurors found him guilty of shooting a rabbi in the head of a a botched robbery attempt. investigators recently reopened that case because there was never any physical evidence. none. only witnesses. including one man who we now know gave a sworn statement years later saying a detective told him to, quote: pick the one with the big nose. out of a police lineup. the wife of another witness claims her husband admitted
4:41 pm
he was the real killer but, instead, pinned it on the suspect. >> i said from the beginning i had nothing to do with this case. if he is interested, there be as much paperwork as you like to read on this case and make your own decisions. >> shepard: he spent 23 years behind bars. david ranta says he just wanted to get the hell out of there. and now he has. jurors today questioned the man who claims jodi arias really cannot remember killing her ex-boyfriend because she suffers from >> when you look at the repeated stories, several
4:42 pm
different times, ask the same question, the story was not 100% the same, but the basic aspects of the story was sufficient, and it seemed to, at least with certain elements, be consistent with the description of the crime scene. >> shepard: now, remember, jodi arias initially said she didn't know anything about her boyfriend's death. then she blamed it on intruders. prosecutors say she stabbed him 27 times, shot him and slit his throat. she claims she did shoot him but it was in self-defense and she simply cannot remember the rest of it. dominic di-natale is tracking the testimony live at our west coast newsroom. dominic, the jurors didn't seem to hold back at all? >> absolutely, shep. no holds barred at all by the juror in expressing skepticism about richard samuels. many of their questions continuinged with sarcasm in the first two minutes of examination it was patently clear that his testimony had raised more questions than answers for them. more than 70 questions in
4:43 pm
total. some of them very pointed about samuel's professional sense of judgment. what the jury really struggled with was how he stuck to his diagnosis of ptsd considering he he knew she had wholly fabricated her account of events. >> it's possible that the first story was a form of depersonalization. in other words, a psychological reaction in an attempt not to have to deal with the horrors of what actually transpired on that day. in a sense, she created an alternative reality that you could look at that as a lie or you could look at that as a psychological defense mechanism. >> so he spent a lot of time going through holes in what the jury saw as evidence and he has been sitting on that stand five days of testimony, shep. >> shepard: the trial has dragged on and on. is there a sense for the jury is going to get the state. first of two defense experts about jodi's
4:44 pm
reported ptsd. today was 35 of the trial. it could be mid april before the jury delivers a verdict. >> shepard: another month. dominic, thank you. a police officer in southern california will not face charges in last summer's shooting death in unarmed man. helped trigger violent protests that stretched on for days. remember protesters throwing rocks and bottles and traffic cones in the streets of anaheim, california not far from disney land. riot police fought back with tear gas and bean bag rounds. happened not only one but two controversial shootings there police tactics pointing out the first victim didn't have gahanna on him. just yesterday the orange county district attorney announced under the circumstances the officer was justified. justified to shoot at that man whom police say had ties to a street gang his family denies that speaking to a local newspaper the victim's mother who you see here with the glasses accused the district
4:45 pm
aattorney appointing himself judge and jury for that officer. grab some sand dag bags, fargo. the national weather service warning this red river could be worse on record. along the north dakota, minnesota border every year. the worst was in 2009 when the river flooded a huge area of downtown. this new warning comes after an especially snowy winter with cold temperatures expected to delay the snow melt and heavy spring rains they believe could mean more trouble. people in the region have been pleading with the feds for permanent flood protection. so far no dice. a mudslide closed part of a highway near los angeles during the morning rush. you can see a bulldozer moving dirt from the road. people could see debris and even lawn furniture scattered through the that highway. it happened around 4:00 in the morning. it took crews several hours to clear. police say they didn't have to evacuate anybody. no word on anybody hurt. two helicopters clyde --
4:46 pm
collide in a snow storm, one person dead. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. you can't see it happen but you can hear it folks on the ground. witnesses say choppers clipped each other while trying to land in olympic stadium in berlin. both aircraft had been on police exercise soccer violence. several people went to the hospital in serious condition. burr marks rioters set fire to several buildings. the violence reportedly began with an argument between a buddhist couple and muslim shop owner. hundreds of people joined. in some torching a government office, a mosque and a school. muslim buddhist tension has grown since sectarian violence last year killed more than 100 people. chile, thousands of dead shrimp mysteriously washed ashore south of the capital
4:47 pm
city of santiago. fishermen are blaming two power plants near the beach for polluting the water. environmental police are investigating. brazil, the skeletal remains of a massive prehistoric flying reptile on display in a museum in rio de janeiro. found the bones in a northeastern plateau. they say it's among the most complete fossil in the entire world and that's a rap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. road kill. that's what's for dinner. montana state senate has approved a new bill that allows people in montana to salvage deer and elk, moose and anti-lope for food. supporters say the measure will help clear roadways and stop good meat from going to waist. opponents question how safe that meat might be. if a governor signs a bill into law, montana will join
4:48 pm
six other states that allow people to legally eat road kill. scientists say they have just discovered that the universe is nearly 100 million years older than they thought it was. they report new data from the european space agency space craft show that the big bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. meantime, the very engines that helped blast man to the moon and later sank to the ocean floor are now back on dry ground. and we'll show you next.
4:49 pm
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>> shepard: recovering history from the ocean floor. a crew off the coast of florida is using underwater robots to hoist two rocket engines from nasa's apollo
4:52 pm
era. they were part of the 1960s and 70s mission to take astronauts to the moon. last year they found them three miles down in the atlantic. about 360 miles off cape canaveral. ceo jeff bedeos is leading the whole thing. he initially said the engines were part of the apollo 11 mission that first put them on the moon. he has backed off that claim because the serial numbers are either missing or too hard to read. phil keating is live in from our newsroom. >> the remain the most powerful liquid engines ever developed. the f 1's put out nearly 8 million pounds of thrust. the bezos's expedition crew spent the last three weeks out at sea first finding the art facts and hoisting them up as they sailed back to florida jeff bezos's blog we found underwater
4:53 pm
wonderland twisted gardens of f 1 engines that tells the story of a fiery and violent end, one that serves testament of the apollo program. finally this morning, 40 years later, these historic art facts of space travel return from where they came cape canaveral. shep? >> shepard: what's next, phil? >> well, these remain the property of the u.s. government. u.s. taxpayers. now they are going to be cleaned up and prepared to be put on public display at a still unnamed museum. propelled all seven apollo missions. six of which landed 12 lucky astronauts on the moon including neil armstrong whose giant step for mankind never could have happened had it not been for nasa's design team of engineers who shot him there, shep? >> shepard: thank you very much, phil. nasa's voyager space one space craft hovering near the solar system. denied a claim that voyager has become the first man made object to go off the grid entirely.
4:54 pm
nasa launched voyager 1 way back in 1977. the idea to explore the outer planet. this week scientists at a top research journal reported that the space craft recently detected major changes in radiation. consistent with the escape -- with escaping influence of our sun. a scientist on the voyager project says no it's likely still in our solar system, at least for now. still the space craft is way out there. some 11 billion miles from earth. think of it. and along the way it's captured some the clearest pictures of nuclear weapon tune, saturn and jupiter's great red spot. folks can now tweet about voyager or whatever they want because seven years ago today a web developer typed a sentence about what he was doing and posted it online. of course, we're talking twitter. which today celebrates its 7th birthday. second grade. the social media site's founder says he got the idea from emergency dispatchers who communicate with simple short sentences.
4:55 pm
it's made terms like tweet and hash tag household words and now has more than 200 million active users monthly tweeting some 400 million times each day. another number for you 1 billion people are now visiting youtube every month. that's according to a blog post on the google owned video site. the post says if youtube were a country, it would be the third largest in the world behind china and india. tiger woods says he and lindsey vaughn released those photos announcing their data status as a preemptive strike against the paparazzi. on monday the pair simultaneously posted messages and photos on facebook. it's the first time tiger woods confirmed he is dating anybody since his sex scandal and divorce. tiger says the goal was to devalue the first photos of the couple. he he says they wanted to limit the, quote, stock arazzi and sleazy web sites following them. sometimes a piece of music transcends sound waves.
4:56 pm
today our nation's library of congress selected songs that have done just that saving them for all ages. coming up, a look at some the classic tunes that made the cuts, the full album that scored the most nominations. ♪ the sound of silence ♪ come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪
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